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Scott A. Spiro, MD, FACS
Diplomate, American Board of Plastic Surgery

Dr. Scott Spiro is a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic surgery of the breast, body contouring, facial aesthetic surgery, and breast cancer reconstruction.

Board Certified By The American Board of Surgery And By The American Board of Plastic Surgery

My practice is based on honesty, sincerity, and professionalism. We have painstakingly built our office and developed our staff to better serve you. I treat patients individually. No two people present exactly alike. Therefore, no two treatment plans should be exactly alike. Delivering the best outcome with individual care and safety are my prime concerns.

Case of the Month
September 2014 This patient underwent an amazing transformation by combining breast lift with implants, abdominoplasty,  flankplasty  with repair of hernias and diastasis as well as liposuction of hips.  She now has a youthful, strong, beautiful female form....
August 2014 This case demonstrates how the combination of composite SMAS face and neck lift, fat grafting to key areas of the face (jaw line, cheeks, naso-labial folds), eyelid  (blepharoplasty), fat transposition , and brow lifting (browplasty) can transform a face to a youthful, attractive, vibrant state. An amazing outcome!  (Note: she is not overpulled)  She looks natural and amazing....
July 2014 This patient presented with sagging saline implants which were placed over muscle and created a distorted laterally positioned wide breast with asymmetrically positioned nipples.  The correction involved removal of saline implants, placement of silicone implants more appropriate for her narrow profile frame, change to submuscular position aided by placement of ADM (a tissue graft) to h...


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Coolsculpting Used to tighten Skin!

We recently treated a man who was very fit, with loose abdominal skin, and a small amount of lower abdominal fat. His body fat was around 10-12% but he had a small roll of fat in the lower abdomen. Because of loose skin we advised against liposuction. Amazingly, after two sessions, the fat evaporated and the skin tightened up considerably! It is an amazing outcome and can be seen in our photo gallery of non surgical fat reductions!... Read More