Case Study: Abdominoplasty

Abdominoplasty – Case 1

This case really highlights the important components of my abdominoplasties:

Contouring of abdominal wall during diastasis and hernia repairs to create a fit and beautiful form with improved posture, maximum skin removal to eliminate the most poor quality skin while keeping the scar very low. I then create a nice belly button while incorporating flankplasty with abdominoplasty to remove unwanted lateral skin and oblique bulge. A beautiful result!



Abdominoplasty – Case 2

It is so gratifying to be responsible in part for these transformations!

Here a woman who lost a lot of weight  presented with skin laxity and deflated saggy breasts.  Liposuction, tummy tuck, and breast lift with implants transform her.  An absolutely beautiful body result!


Abdominoplasty – Case 3

This is nothing short of spectacular!

An incredible transformation which combined breast lift, reduction, tummy tuck and liposuction in one surgery. Hard to believe, but its the same person 12 weeks later! Using my techniques I repaired diastasis, hernias, and restored proper functional tone to her abdomen. Amazing! Look at her youthful, fit, beautiful body!


Abdominoplasty – Case 4

This patient underwent an abdominoplasty flankplasty and is shown nine months later. Notice the beautiful shape and contouring obtained. A fine result.


Abdominoplasty – Case 5

This case demonstrates the dramatic youthful improvements which are attainable by combination procedures. This patient is shown after breast augmentation, body lift including abdominoplasty, flankplasty and liposuction of hips. A fine shapely outcome.


Abdominoplasty – Case 6

An amazing result showing combination breast lift with implants and a tummy tuck. A very shapely and strong abdomen, a flat and tight abdomen!


Abdominoplasty – Case 7

This patient underwent a breast lift with implants and a body lift with liposuction. A complete an amazing transformation resulting in a beautiful body!


Abdominoplasty – Case 8

The combination of breast lift, liposuction, and total body lift creates an amazing transformation from aged to beautifully youthful.


Abdominoplasty – Case 9

I’ve already had a number of patients in disbelief that these are before and after pictures of the same woman! But they are!

Here the combination of breast lift with auto-augmentation (no implant), abdominoplasty/flankplasty with abdominal wall repair, and liposuction of extended hips and upper buttocks (arrows) combine to create a beautifully shaped youthful body. An outstanding transformation from the effects of childbirth, age and gravity!


Abdominoplasty – Case 10

This patient underwent combined procedures to restore youth to her body. The transformation is remarkable! Hernia fixed, hourglass shape restored, and so much skin removed that tattoo had to go!