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Case Study: Abdominoplasty

Abdominoplasty – Case 1

This patient underwent combination breast augmentation and abdominoplasty/ flankplasty with repair of complex abdominal wall hernias. Amazing transformation with a now youthful aesthetic form.


Abdominoplasty – Case 2

This patient presented with a weakened abdomen, poor posture and uneven sagging deflated breasts. A combination implant augmentation (and left side lift) with an abdominoplasty transformed her body to a youthful form.


Abdominoplasty – Case 3

Combination breast lift with implant, liposuction of abdomen and skin only infra-umbilical abdominoplasty. A combination which gave her a great result!


Abdominoplasty – Case 4

An amazing result showing combination breast lift with implants and a tummy tuck. A very shapely and strong abdomen, a flat and tight abdomen!


Abdominoplasty – Case 5

This patient presented with a large ventral hernia, and skin laxity. After an abdominoplasty, she is strong, fit, and feeling great!


Abdominoplasty- Case 6

This patient underwent a combination abdominoplasty and breast lift/ reduction with liposuction of the hips. Her transformation is spectacular with her new firm flat abdomen and lifted breasts. An amazing result!


Abdominoplasty – Case 7

Combination breast reduction, lipo of hips, and tummy tuck transform her back into a youthful, shapely, fit, aesthetic looking woman. A great (early) result!



Abdominoplasty – Case 8

This patient had her body completely and dramatically transformed by a combination of breast reduction, lift, lipo, and tummy tuck. An incredible result that looks like a different person!


Abdominoplasty – Case 9

This patient underwent a breast lift with implants and a body lift with liposuction. A complete an amazing transformation resulting in a beautiful body!


Abdominoplasty – Case 10

The combination of breast lift, liposuction, and total body lift creates an amazing transformation from aged to beautifully youthful.



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