Breast Augmentation – Case 1

Breast Augmentation done through a tiny infra-mammary fold incision using smooth rounded silicone gel implants (under the muscle). Full C outcome from a small A.


Breast Augmentation – Case 2

This woman presented with breast volume loss typical after having children. She had an A cup breast and was augmented to a full C cup using silicone gel implants through an inframammary submuscular approach. A very aesthetic result. (Silicone Implants)


Breast Augmentation – Case 3

This young woman desired breast augmentation to achieve a more proportional idealized size and shape match for her body. Saline implants through an inframammary approach, under muscle achieved a nice C cup outcome. A fine result.


Breast Augmentation – Case 4

This Lovely patient presented with a complex issue. She had long tight scars across her breasts from a pediatric open heart procedure. I had to release deep and superficial scarring while doing a breast augmentation. I think you would agree I lived up to the challenge! What a beautiful ( and remarkable) result for such a deserving young woman. (A cup to D cup)


Breast Augmentation – Case 5

A Cup breast hypoplasia augmented to D cup with silicone implants under muscle. A fine result.


Breast Augmentation – Case 6

Very lean women with dramatically curved shaped torsos could potentially have issue with saline filled breast implants migrating laterally and becoming extremely palpable. Silicone gel filled implants offer the potential for a natural and long term stable result.

Here a patient was augmented from an A cup to full C with artistry of implant pocket creation so the final result is a “natural” replication of a real breast. Her wide positioned breast folds (arrows) had to be released in order to allow the new breast to be medially positioned. A beautiful outcome.


Breast Augmentation – Case 7

This young woman presented with A cup breasts and is shown four months after augmentation using silicone gel implants through inframammary approach. Now a full C cup with an ideal natural aesthetic outcome. (Silicone Implants)


Breast Augmentation – Case 8

This patient underwent silicone gel ultra high profile implants under a “shaped” muscle space to create a beautiful small D cup outcome.  An outstanding result!


Breast Augmentation – Case 9

A cup to D cup breast augmentation using silicone gel implants placed under the muscle through an inframammary approach.  A fine aesthetic outcome.



Breast Augmentation – Case 10

Again, a premium should be placed on the delivery of aesthetically pleasing breast outcomes when embarking on breast augmentation procedures.

This case clearly shows how an A-cup breast can be simply and tastefully transformed to a small C-cup breast size. (Saline Implants)