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Case Study: Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation – Case 1

Breast Augmentation done through a tiny infra-mammary fold incision using smooth rounded silicone gel implants (under the muscle). Full C outcome from a small A.


Breast Augmentation – Case 2

A to full B breast augmentation using infra-mammary incision to place a silicone gel implant under the muscle. A very nice aesthetic natural looking breast.


Breast Augmentation – Case 3

Deflated A cup breast after pregnancies can be improved with sub-muscular silicone gel implant augmentation through a tiny infra-mammary fold scar. Amazing!


Breast Augmentation – Case 4

Breast Augmentation using smooth round silicone gel implants placed under the muscle can yield ideal aesthetic shape with a proper balance between “natural” and “round”, this is a great example. AA cup to D cup.


Breast Augmentation – Case 5

This patient presented with deflated AA cup breasts, silicone gel sub-muscular augmentation  through a non-visible infra-mammary fold incision gives her a very nice aesthetic full C cup outcome.


Breast Augmentation – Case 6

A cup to D cup augmentation using silicone gel implants placed under muscle, through an inframammary approach.  The outcome, shown months later shows an idealized balance between upper and lower pole.  A great result.


Breast Augmentation – Case 7

This woman presented with breast volume loss typical after having children. She had an A cup breast and was augmented to a full C cup using silicone gel implants through an inframammary submuscular approach. A very aesthetic result. (Silicone Implants)


Breast Augmentation – Case 8

Simple silicone gel submuscular implant augmentation done through a small inframammary approach. A really nice C cup outcome


Breast Augmentation- Case 9

This patient underwent breast augmentation with silicone gel implants placed under the muscle infra-mammary fold incision.

Can you find the scar? (It’s so small and so well healed you can’t see it.)

A great aesthetic DD result.


Breast Augmentation – Case 10

This patient underwent silicone gel sub-muscular implant augmentation through an inframammary incision approach (you can’t see the scar!) A fine C cup outcome



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