Correction of Surgery Done Elsewhere – Case 1

A frequent complication I am asked to treat is from previous implant surgery that is uneven, bottomed out, and with high and lateral nipples.

Correction is complicated and requires tedious, creative, internal manipulation of implant space, capsulectomy (implant scar removal), exacting recreation by suturing of new implant space, placing a better implant choice and often use of tissue graft (ADM).

Here is a beautiful outcome and dramatic fix!


Correction Of Surgery Done Elsewhere – Case 2

This patient had several previous breast surgeries elsewhere and presented with significant asymmetry of implants, and scar tethering from previous nipple areola approach.  I did total capsulectomies, replaced both implants, released areola scarring, and used ADM (allograft) to create a stable breast implant space.  A far more attractive breast outcome.


Correction Of Surgery Done Elsewhere – Case 3

This Patient presented with severe implant malposition which had been treated with several surgeries by other surgeons. I recreated an entirely new implant space and placed a new implant. She had nipple malposition , double bubble “drop out”, and discomfort. Now her breasts are beautiful, nipples are positioned perfectly and shape is ideal. A magical result.


Correction of Surgery Done Elsewhere – Case 4

This patient presented to me with a common problem: an incomplete (or failed attempt) at correction of tuberous or constricted breast hypoplasia.

Her implants were originally placed (by someone else) over the muscle and she still showed the double bubble of constricted breast fold, and hallmark pointy, triangular, cone shaped breasts.

I removed the implants, created a new pocket under the muscle, and added allograft support.I also did a circumareola lift and release of constriction and lastly placed new implants.

Now a beautifully attractive full D cup outcome.


Correction Of Surgery Done Elsewhere – Case 5

The complex combination of implants over muscle with saggy skin and large disproportional areola after a previous breast lift requires the use of acellular dermal matrics (ADM) for tissue support along with conversion to a sub-muscular space (pocket) and a new breast lift with implant replacement.

It is among the most challenging of all plastic surgery operations and one I do quite frequently. Here is a great example of an amazing transformation!


Correction Of Surgery Done Elsewhere – Case 6

This athletic patient presented with sagging wide uneven saline filled implants.  The implant bag rippling is noted especially on lateral view (see arrow).

Correction included change to an ultra high profile silicone gel implant with capsulectomy/capsuloplasty (reconfiguring internal space).  Patient desired a change from B to D cup.  A fine cosmetic outcome.


Correction Of Surgery Done Elsewhere – Case 7

This case represents one of the most common presentations after initial breast augmentation. Although not seen well in the photos, when this patient lies down the implants drifted asymmetrically to the side and in the case of the right breast – all the way around to the back.

Correction of this condition (top 3 photos) requires internally reconfiguring the scar space to allow a new implant to fill medially while the lateral space was closed off. A new implant was selected which better compliments her body – allowing for better upper pole fullness, medial fullness and overall superior breast aesthetics (bottom 3 photos). An exceptional outcome from a tricky pre-op condition.



Correction Of Surgery Done Elsewhere – Case 8

Correction of breast deformities created by previous surgery performed by other surgeons is particularly challenging, but also emotionally rewarding.

This case shows what happens when implant spaces are created too far lateral and low. This patient had four previous surgeries including attempts to correct deformities prior to seeing me.

In one surgery, I corrected both the implant space, relocated the scar to the crease and improved her breast shape and size to a very pleasing C cup.


Correction Of Surgery Done Elsewhere – Case 9

This patient presented after numerous attempts at breast reconstruction. She had hard scarred implant with ugly outer visible irregular scars.

I did a 2 staged reconstruction with capsulectomy, allograft, tissue expanders, and scar revisions, later replaced with silicone implants and final shaping. An amazing result.


Correction Of Surgery Done Elsewhere – Case 10

The challenges faced when a patient presents with previous breast implant surgery which appears poor can be significant. Here previous breast implants (done by another surgeon) fail to correct her breast sag. Here breasts are uneven size, uneven shape with uneven sagging, and uneven implant position.

I had to reconfigure an entire new implant space, reconfigure breasts tissue by removing some from the larger breast, and refit better matching implants. The result is nothing short of spectacular. A fine D cup outcome! (shown only 3 months later)