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Case Study: Breast Lift

Breast Life – Case 1

The decision for breast lift is made depending upon issues of nipple areola size, shape and location on the breast as well as sag. So in this case, periareola mastopexy (incision around nipple) and implant augmentation were combined to improve wide, small, droopy breasts, which had disproportionately large areola. In the end, she had a very nice C outcome.


Breast Lift – Case 2

This patient presented to me with a common problem: an incomplete (or failed attempt) at correction of tuberous or constricted breast hypoplasia.

Her implants were originally placed (by someone else) over the muscle and she still showed the double bubble of constricted breast fold, and hallmark pointy, triangular, cone shaped breasts.

I removed the implants, created a new pocket under the muscle, and added allograft support.I also did a circumareola lift and release of constriction and lastly placed new implants.

Now a beautifully attractive full D cup outcome.


Breast Lift – Case 3

This patient presented with asymmetric tuberous constricted (narrow) breast sag. The solutions require changing the entire footprint to a wider, rounder, lifted more aesthetically appealing form. Done with a lift, implant, and release of tuberous constriction, the results are beautiful.


Breast Lift – Case 4

The correction of uneven breast sag can be a challenge to many plastic surgeons. Lifting, reshaping, and placement of implants can only truly be successful if the breasts are made to have symmetric shapes and volumes of native breast tissue so that implants can be the same. This requires reducing the volume of even saggy small breasts as part of the procedure. Here is a great example and really nice outcome.


Breast Lift – Case 5

Autoaugmentation mastopexy means saving as much breast as possible, eliminating only skin excess, and then turning the saggiest tissue up and around the central mound. The results shown here are remarkable! No implants whatsoever.


Breast Lift – Case 6

Tuberous constricted breast Hyperplasia can be a challenging condition. It requires the release of constricted tissue, augmentation, and simultaneous periareolar mastopexy to reduce the remaining constriction around the areola. This is an example of a fine outcome.


Breast Lift – Case 7

The concept of auto-augmentation breast lift means saving and relocating all of the saggy breast tissue along with remnants of saggy skin to act as internal sling, thus creating a breast shape like an augmentation but without the implant. Here is a great example, hard to tell there is no implant!


Breast Lift – Case 8

This is a great example of a fairly common problem. Uneven small breasts with sagging of one side requires (in this case) a breast lift (periareolar mastopexy) on her left and bilateral silicone implants under the muscle. A beautiful outcome!


Breast Lift – Case 9

This case shows a lift and implant augmentation with silicone gel implants under the muscle. A fine outcome.


Breast Lift – Case 10

Dramatically saggy deflated breasts are generally undesirable, so a lift can help recapture some of the youth a patient’s body had prior to pregnancies. Shown only 12 weeks after surgery, this patient was very happy with her outcome without using any implants.



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