Case Study: Breast Lift With Implants

Breast Lift with implant – Case 1

This is just about as remarkable a transformation as possible from a well designed, planned and executed breast lift with implant augmentation. This amazing result can only be achieved with the combination of lift, reduction and augmentation. The reduction component which so many surgeons fail to appreciate, eliminate the saggiest tissue, clearing the way for the remaining breast to be wrapped around the properly sized and fitted implant. 

With this approach, results stand the test of time, age, and gravity must better! In fact, I have taught a course at a national meeting so other Plastic Surgeons would better understand this technique. Here, she went from a very saggy full C to a beautifully youthful small D. Amazing! 


Breast Lift with implant – Case 2

Combination lift and silicone gel implant augmentation have transformed this asymmetric A cup to a very nice full C/ small D outcome.


Breast Lift with implant – Case 3

This is a great example of a fairly common problem. Uneven small breasts with sagging of one side requires (in this case) a breast lift (periareolar mastopexy) on her left and bilateral silicone implants under the muscle. A beautiful outcome!


Breast Lift with implant – Case 4

This case is a fine example of how a breast lift combined with implant augmentation (silicone gel under muscle) can transform uneven small saggy breasts to a beautiful lifted round ideal breast.  An amazing result.


Breast Lift with implant – Case 5

This patient underwent bilateral breast lift with implants (silicone gel) to help reverse the after effects of pregnancies.  An amazing result with ideal shape, balance, position, and Full C cup outcome.


Breast Lift with implant – Case 6

This patient presented with significant breast deflation after weight loss.  A combination lift and implant augmentation (silicone gel under the muscle) helped to achieve a proportional youthful and attractive C cup breast.


Breast Lift with implant – Case 7

Breast lift with silicone implants under muscle transforms an aged saggy A cup breast into a youthful C cup.  A fine result.


Breast Lift with implant – Case 8

This woman presented as many other women do; after having children her breast deflated and sagged.  The solution:  a combination breast lift with silicone gel implants under muscle.

In my practice this is routinely done in a single outpatient procedure with a recovery very much like a simple augmentation.  A beautifully shaped, round, high D/DD cup outcome.  A terrific result.


Breast Lift with implant – Case 9

This patient underwent bilateral mastopexy augmentation (breast lift with implant) to treat her deflated saggy breast condition.  Silicone gel implants under muscle combined with lift of breast and elimination of the saggiest breast tissue transformed her back to a youthful D cup beautiful breast.


Breast Lift with implant – Case 10

This young woman presented with moderate breast skin envelope stretch and volume loss after having children.

The choices here are to do a simple augmentation which (in order to fill the skin envelope) would require a D cup outcome and would be wide and relatively low, or to do a mastopexy (lift) and augmentation which would allow for a C/D outcome, but higher, rounder, and closer lifted breasts. This patient chose this procedure. Her outcome is a fabulous balance of shape, position, and ideal volume.