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Case Study: Oncoplastic Reconstruction

Oncoplastic Reconstruction – Case 1

Autoaugmentation mastopexy (breast lift) means: using all saggy tissue to lift and can simulate an implant look. This case however, was done for breast cancer. rather that mastectomy, she underwent a lumpectomy and I corrected (filled) the defect in the same surgery as the cancer removal with the same principles as “autoaugmentation”: moving her breast tissue around. A great result for oncoplastic reconstruction.


Oncoplastic Reconstruction – Case 2

This patient opted for left lumpectomy and reconstruction using local flaps and oncoplastic reconstruction and opposite right breast reduction to match.

An amazing camouflage and great outcome.


Oncoplastic Reconstruction – Case 3

This patient presented with right breast cancer and underwent a combined extended lumpectomy (partial mastectomy) and immediate reconstruction with local flaps yielding a breast lift/reduction.  A fine solution for a breast cancer problem.


Oncoplastic Reconstruction – Case 4

This patient presented with left breast cancer.  She chose an extensive lumpectomy and immediate reconstruction with local flaps and opposite breast lift/reduction.  She is shown only a month later with a fine cosmetic result.


Oncoplastic Reconstruction – Case 5

This patient presented with left breast cancer.  She underwent left partial mastectomy and immediate reconstruction using local flaps along with a right breast reduction.  She is shown after completion of radiation.  A great solution for a cancer operation and a fine result.



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