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Case Study: Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction – Case 1

This patient underwent breast reduction (along with tummy tuck) shown only 12 weeks later, her results are amazing and the scars are already fading. I often combine lipo with the reduction to improve breast shape even more.


Breast Reduction – Case 2

Reduction to a B cup helps give this patient both cosmetic and functional improvements.



Breast Reduction – Case 3

this young woman suffered from back, neck, and shoulder pains due to her extremely large breasts. She is shown after breast reduction from a HH cup to a small D cup. Months later, scars are barely visible. She has a great result and a new breast size and shape that fits her body well.


Breast Reduction – Case 4

Asymmetric Breast  Hypertrophy with sag and peripheral breast  fat (armpit) excess is treated by combination liposuction and breast reduction. Here is a patient shown 3 months post surgery with lifted, shapely, smaller breasts and with the elimination of the armpit bulge. A very nice outcome.


Breast Reduction – Case 5

This young woman was bothered by DD plus heavy dense breasts with neck and shoulder pain.  She underwent breast reduction and is shown 10 months later with C cup beautifully shaped breasts, and resolved neck pain.  A fine outcome.


Breast Reduction – Case 6

This patient preferred to be left as a small D cup but still had a 700 gram reduction from each breast. (From her FF cup original!)


Breast Reduction – Case 7

This patient presented with uneven breast size and shape, sag and enlargement. Correction of dramatic asymmetries can be challenging. Here is a very nice cosmetic result. The patient also benefits functionally from significant improvement in breast weight reduction, lift, and size match.


Breast Reduction – Case 8

Reshaping(sculpting) of breast tissue while decreasing the size of the breast and nipple areola, lifting the breast, and re-positioning the nipple areola are the goals of breast reduction surgery. this is a great example of a wonderful breast transformation from HH cups to C/D cups.


Breast Reduction – Case 9

Breast Reduction with lifting can improve both physical appearance, mindset, and function. here, this patient appears  so much more youthful and slim just after lift and reduction surgery. A great result only three months later!


Breast Reduction – Case 10

Breast Reduction for significant breast asymmetry presents challenges in obtaining smaller symmetric breasts. Here, I combined liposuction and excision techniques with a pedicle preservation to transform a functional and aesthetic problem into a fine cosmetic result with a dramatic functional improvement.



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