Breast Reduction – Case 1

This young woman was bothered by DD plus heavy dense breasts with neck and shoulder pain.  She underwent breast reduction and is shown 10 months later with C cup beautifully shaped breasts, and resolved neck pain.  A fine outcome.


Breast Reduction – Case 2

This patient underwent breast reduction (along with tummy tuck) shown only 12 weeks later, her results are amazing and the scars are already fading. I often combine lipo with the reduction to improve breast shape even more.


Breast Reduction – Case 3

This case shows breast reduction only four months later from an aged saggy DD to a nice youthful appearing full B cup.

An outstanding result (only 4 months later so scars will continue to fade).


Breast Reduction – Case 4

This patient presented with EE cup breast enlargement and typical back, neck and shoulder pains associated with breast hypertrophy. She is shown several years later with an excellent outcome in the B/C cup range. Note how well scars have healed!

(It is uncommon to get post op pictures far enough out to demonstrate final healing, so this is a good example!)


Breast Reduction – Case 5

This patient presented with sagging DD/DDD cup breasts with asymmetry. A breast reduction gave her a full B cup result which is now symmetrically sized and lifted. A fine outcome.


Breast Reduction – Case 6

This patient presented with DDD/E cup breast enlargement. She wanted to be a B cup. She is shown as a B cup three months after surgery with resolution of her back, neck, and shoulder pains. A fine cosmetic result.


Breast Reduction – Case 7

In this case wide, uneven, sagging breasts made this woman feel less youthful. I lifted, reshaped and reduced her breasts using combination lateral liposuction and central excisional techniques. Note better nipple position and size, better breast shape and a fine C cup outcome.


Breast Reduction – Case 8

Asymmetric breast hypertrophy (here DDD/EE size) can be psychologically frustrating, cosmetically unappealing, and problematic to the musculoskeletal system. This woman is shown months after combination liposuction and pedicle reduction mammoplasty. Her C cup outcome is outstanding cosmetically and she has full resolution of back, neck and shoulder pains.


Breast Reduction – Case 9

Breast reduction surgery can change a person’s outlook on many different levels. Functional improvements by tissue weight loss and lifting are complemented by aesthetic improvements which include reshaping and lifting of the breast and reshaping, resizing, and repositioning of the nipple areola complex.

This case is another example of how breast reduction surgery can change perception of a patient’s body. Upper row photos make the patient appear older whereas after reduction (lower row of photos) she appears much younger. By reducing, reshaping, lifting, and contouring her breasts, her body takes on a completely different look. (D/DD-cup reduced to a full B-cup)


Breast Reduction – Case 10

This case demonstrates how sagging large breasts (pre-operative top views) can make the patient appear older or heavier than she actually is. She has had her breasts lifted, reduced (DD-cup to a full B/small C-cup) and reshaped (including nipple and areola). A truly ideal aesthetic outcome.