Case of the Month – November 2018

This case really highlights the important components of my abdominoplasties:

Contouring of abdominal wall during diastasis and hernia repairs to create a fit and beautiful form with improved posture, maximum skin removal to eliminate the most poor quality skin while keeping the scar very low. I then create a nice belly button while incorporating flankplasty with abdominoplasty to remove unwanted lateral skin and oblique bulge. A beautiful result!


Case of the Month – October 2018

This male presented with the typical aging features which prompt people to seek this procedure. I had previously (many earlier earlier) performed blepharoplasty (upper and lower). His face and neck aged around his youthful eyes with laxity, sag, and hollowness (loss of volume). I combined fat grafting (along jaw line, cheeks, lid cheek junction, brow ridge, and marionette folds) with SMAS composite face and neck lift.

In this procedure, I lift the internal saggy cheek, jowls, and neck fibrofatty musculature together (as a COMPOSITE- hence the name!) and redirect these vectors slightly differently from the skin portion of the lift. This allows me to give patients remarkably youthful results which are natural and not pulled. This is a great representation of how I can take 15 years of more off the face!


Case of the Month – September 2018

An amazing abdominal transformation is shown when loose skin and a weak abdominal wall are eliminated in favor of a tight shapely form.


August 2018

This patient presented with a large ventral hernia, and skin laxity. After an abdominoplasty, she is strong, fit, and feeling great!


July 2018

Some women prefer the aesthetics of a nipple on the upper part of the breast, this is not always achievable. Here, uneven small A cup breasts are successfully turned into shapely C cup breasts.


June 2018

Combination brow lift and face and neck lift with cheek lift and upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty has transformed her face to a youthful appearance of almost 20 years younger!


May 2018

This patient opted for left lumpectomy and reconstruction using local flaps and oncoplastic reconstruction and opposite right breast reduction to match.

An amazing camouflage and great outcome.


April 2018

This patient preferred to be left as a small D cup but still had a 700 gram reduction from each breast. (From her FF cup original!)


March 2018

This case shows total body lift combined with liposuction of hips and saddle bags, with buttock fat grafting.  Shown only 6 weeks later!  An amazing body transformation!


February 2018

This case represents some of the most challenging issues we face with severe asymmetry. This patient had tuberous, constricted breast malformation with severe asymmetry.

Her surgery included reduction of the larger breast, release of severe constriction on the smaller breast, and bilateral implant augmentation. The results are amazing!