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Case Study: Revision Surgery

Correction of Surgery Done Elsewhere – Case 1

This patient presented to me with a common problem: an incomplete (or failed attempt) at correction of tuberous or constricted breast hypoplasia.

Her implants were originally placed (by someone else) over the muscle and she still showed the double bubble of constricted breast fold, and hallmark pointy, triangular, cone shaped breasts.

I removed the implants, created a new pocket under the muscle, and added allograft support.I also did a circumareola lift and release of constriction and lastly placed new implants.

Now a beautifully attractive full D cup outcome.


Correction of Surgery Done Elsewhere -Case 2

This patient presented with concerns about loose skin and large saggy implants. She preferred no implants. I removed her implants and all scar tissue (capsulectomy) and then did a breast lift. A very nice outcome and a small B cup breast.


Correction of Surgery Done Elsewhere – Case 3

This patient presented to me unhappy with previous attempts elsewhere at post mastectomy breast reconstruction. I created an entirely new implant space, utilizing tissue recruitment techniques, allografts, and new implants better proportioned to her body. Later, I did nipple areola reconstruction, the results are amazing.


Correction of Surgery Done Elsewhere – Case 4

This patient presented with irregular shape and scarring from previous attempts at a breast lift with another surgeon. I corrected her irregularities  by re-configuring the breast tissue over the new implants with a new lift. I also created a new implant pocket using a dermal tissue graft. She now has a nicely shaped full round breast.


Correction of Surgery Done Elsewhere – Case 5

This patient presented with sagging breast and implants previously placed over the muscle by another surgeon. In order to make her breasts look more youthful, I removed old implants, created a new implant space under the muscle (using a tissue matrix ADM – allograft), performed a breast lift and replaced her implants. The results are amazing!



This patient presented with sagging, enlarged, asymmetric breast with implants in place from a previous breast surgery. I removed the implants, reduced partially, and re-lifted her to give her the B cup outcome she desired. An amazing transformation!


Correction Of Surgery Done Elsewhere – Case 7

Correction of large sagging breasts with previous implants placed in the subglandular space is a common request. previous attempts by other surgeons to “fill” loose saggy breasts just with subglandular implants rarely ever yield satisfactory results. It usually leads to breasts which appear matronly . I simultaneously lifted her, created a new submuscular space, and replaced implants with ADM to secure the implant under the muscle. An amazing transformation!


Correction Of Surgery Done Elsewhere – Case 8

This patient presented with bottoming out of implants and significant asymmetry. Correction included selective capsulotomy/capsuloplasty (manipulation of the implant space to preferentially fill upper and lower medical areas and close off lower areas) to yield a far better aesthetic balance. A great result.


Correction of Surgery Done Elsewhere – Case 9

This patient had a poor outcome from previous lift done only around nipple and implants over muscle. I lifted her, sculpted away the saggiest breast tissue, converted to submuscular space, and replaced implants. The transformation is amazing!


Correction of Surgery Done Elsewhere – Case 10

Amazingly, this result was achieved without the use of implants. I performed combination auto-augmentation with internal flaps and I raised the internal inframammary fold. A beautiful outcome after 2 previous breast lift attempts elsewhere.



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