Eyelid Surgery – Case 1

Combining eyelid blepharoplasty with foreheadplasty (brow lift) with lateral cheek lift can yield powerful aesthetic outcomes without a complete facelift.

Gentle elevation of brows, elimination of lines, and cheek lift combined with fat transposition across lid cheek junction yields dramatic, yet subtle results.


Eyelid Surgery – Case 2

Blending lid cheek junction hollow and keeping eyes looking natural are the two main priorities in modern Blepharoplasty. I accomplish this with very little fat removal, but rather with combined  fat relocation (transposition), lateral cheek lift, and on occasion, additional filler or fat grafting. A fine result.


Eyelid Surgery – Case 3

Simple upper lid Blepharoplasty when done ARTISTICALLY, can really impact someone’s appearance. “Artistic” Blepharoplasty requires proper shaping of the skin removal (incision) and proper removal/preservation of local fat. A truly nice outcome.


Eyelid Surgery – Case 5

This case demonstrates upper eyelid blepharoplasty; a simple one hour procedure that can give back a refreshing look to the face!


Eyelid Surgery – Case 4

Eyelid procedures are not just about fat removal.  In fact, I remove very little fat.  I often add fat (fat grafting) or fillers in addition to repositioning/redistributing the lower eyelid fat (fat transposition) over the cheek bone at the lid cheek junction.  In addition, I elevate the lateral cheek complex over this fat redistribution.  It is a true volumizing procedure and together with a modest skin removal yields a true youthful appearance.


Eyelid Surgery – Case 6

These photos show how powerful the reversal of the aging process can be.  Look how a combination of eyelid surgery, fat transposition, cheek lift and volume fillers can transform an aged face to a youthful, vibrant, attractive face.  Amazing!


Eyelid Surgery – Case 7

Now this is a real work of art!  Here I combined upper lid blepharoplasty with lower lid blepharoplasty and lower lid bilateral cheek lift.

In the lower lids, I remove very little fat, instead I release the three fat bags completely, take out the fat, preserve most of it still attached to its blood supply, remove some excess, release the tissues over the lower orbital rim (bone), tuck the lower eyelid fat bags down over the lower rim, then elevate the cheek pad back over the transposed fat. Finally, then remove the excess skin. The results are light years ahead of average eyelid surgery – a youthful face with preserved almond shaped eyes! A beautiful result!


Eyelid Surgery – Case 8

A simple upper eyelid blepharoplasty can transform a face to a younger and brighter appearance.  (A very nice result)


Eyelid Surgery – Case 9

This case shown demonstrates a patient who underwent bilateral upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty with fat transposition.  The picture is taken years later.  She still has nice lower lid contour of skin and volume.


Eyelid Surgery – Case 10

This patient is shown before surgery with fat bags, wrinkled skin, and hollow grooves under bags.

She is shown several months later after lower lid blepharoplasty including removal of excess skin, transposition of fat from bags to splay out over orbital bone while releasing the groove causing the hollow, and then elevating cheek with lateral cheek lift.