Face and Neck Lift – Case 1

This patient underwent SMAS composite face and Neck lift with fat grafting to multiple sites of face including cheeks, lid cheek junction, nasolabial fold, lips, marionette triangle and jawline. A dramatic transformation taking back back in time 20 years! 


Face and Neck Lift – CASE 2

This patient underwent upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty, fat grafting to multiple sites of face including lips, jawline, marionette folds, cheeks, and SMAS composite face and neck lift with platysmaplasty. This combination seemingly has reversed time, bringing her back twenty years. An amazing outcome! 


Face and Neck Lift – Case 3

This male presented with the typical aging features which prompt people to seek this procedure. I had previously (many years earlier) performed blepharoplasty (upper and lower). His face and neck aged around his youthful eyes with laxity, sag, and hollowness (loss of volume). I combined fat grafting (along jaw line, cheeks, lid cheek junction, brow ridge, and marionette folds) with SMAS composite face and neck lift.

In this procedure, I lift the internal saggy cheek, jowls, and neck fibrofatty musculature together (as a COMPOSITE- hence the name!) and redirect these vectors slightly differently from the skin portion of the lift. This allows me to give patients remarkably youthful results which are natural and not pulled. This is a great representation of how I can take 15 years of more off the face!


Face and Neck Lift – Case 4

This patient complained of the typical things women between 45-60 complain about: Relatively rapid aging of the face compared to earlier age with jowling, neck laxity, eyelid excess skin and sagging cheeks.

I combined my composite SMAS double plane face and neck lift with cheek lift, and eyelid blepharoplasty to transform her face to a natural youthful beauty she had 15 or 20 years before. A beautiful result.


Face and Neck Lift – Case 5

This case demonstrates how the combination of composite SMAS face and neck lift, fat grafting to key areas of the face (jaw line, cheeks, naso-labial folds), eyelid  (blepharoplasty), fat transposition , and brow lifting (browplasty) can transform a face to a youthful, attractive, vibrant state.

An amazing outcome!  (Note: she is not over pulled)  She looks natural and amazing.


Face and Neck Lift – Case 6

The most challenging part of facial rejuvenation in Plastic surgery is restoring a natural youthful appearance to the junction of lower eyelids and cheeks. My belief is that my technique of combining fat grafting, SMAS composite face and neck lift with fat transposition lower lid blepharoplasty and lateral internal cheek lift is the most superior way to do to this. This case is an example of that success. (Combined brow lift, blepharoplasty, face and neck lift and fat grafting) A beautiful transformation! She looks 20 years younger!


Face and Neck Lift – Case 7

An amazing transformation using my combined approach to “natural face” facial rejuvenation, which includes fat grafting to multiple sites on the face where volume is lost over time (cheek, jaw line, corners of the mouth, lips), an upper and lower blepharoplasty and fat transposition (moving the lower eyelid bags down below the eye socket rim), lateral cheek lift to lift the cheek over thin fat, and SMAS Composite Face and Neck lift (combining muscle and skin tissue lift) in one procedure. Shown only 8 weeks post surgery. Amazing and beautiful transformation.


Face and Neck Lift- Case 8

This case shows the culmination of all the techniques I employ in facial rejuvenation surgery: Browlift (note reduction in lines), Blepharoplasty (not elevation and blending of lid cheek junction), fat grafting, SMAS composite face and neck lift, with Platysmaplasty. An incredible transformation and amazing result!


Face and Neck Lift – Case 9

Facial rejuvenation means preserving , relocating (lifting), and adding back (restoring) volume to a female face. This transforms a patient back to a youthful appearance. I accomplish this in a face lifting with fat grafting (cheeks, temples, jawline, lips), fat transposition (eyes), and composite SMAS (to lift jowl and cheek). The only fat I routinely remove is from the neck. I never pull skin oddly tight. Here is a great example!


Face and Neck Lift – Case 10

This is why I have strong convictions about the combinations of SMAS composite lifting, cheek lift through lower lids, multi-site fat grafting (here; temples, browline, cheeks, lips jawline, nasolabial), and brow lifting.

An Amazing Transformation!