Fat Grafting – Case 1

Fat grafting of multiple sites on the face can restructure its appearance subtly but profoundly. Here is an example of fat grafting into cheek hollows, jaw line, and corners of the mouth. A fine result.


Fat Grafting – Case 2

This patient presented years after her initial breast reconstruction done with another surgeon. She was unhappy with the poor camouflage of the mastectomy and the poor shaping of the reconstructed breast and the implant in the opposite breast. I removed and replaced both implants, reshaped both breasts, added a tissue graft (alloderm) to the right breast, did a lift and then finally 3D tattooing and fat grafting. A fine result.


Fat Grafting – Case 3

Artistic combination of liposuction (neck and jowls), fat grafting of cheeks and jawline and marionette region, lip and cheek filler, and rhinoplasty(done prior to before photo) can transform a face into a object of beauty. Here is a spectacular example!


Fat Grafting – Case 4

Fat grafting to the face done artfully can improve facial aesthetic appearance by filling cheeks, lower eyelids, brow ridge, lateral orbit, jaw line, and lips.

A great result!


Fat Grafting – Case 6

This case is a combination of liposuction of neck and fat grafting of jaw line.  Look carefully and see how this combo really changes her face for the better.  A great outcome!



Fat Grafting – Case 5

Fat grafting of the buttock is a popular way of improving body shape. Collected fat from liposuction is processed and immediately re-injected to enhance the buttocks.


Fat Grafting – Case 7

One of the best procedures for improving a youthful appearance is fat grafting of the hands.  Look how I am able to hide views and fill hollow and improve skin turgor.


Fat Grafting – Case 8

This case demonstrates how liposuction and fat grafting guided by artistry and a sense of ideal female aesthetics can transform a woman’s shape into a vision of beauty.

An ideal result (liposuction of hips, flanks, thighs, and upper buttock with fat grafting of central and central upper and low central buttock)



Fat Grafting – Case 9

This young woman presented to me with torso fat excess and dramatic breast sag (with previous implants done by others).

I performed liposuction of the entire torso including back, hips, lateral buttock, flanks, and abdomen and ribs (along with breast breast lift and removal of implants). The result is a remarkable transformation. Note buttock shape and lifting.


Fat Grafting – Case 10

This case shows how circumferential torso liposuction can dramatically improve shape. Here, fat was removed in the hips, back, flanks, and abdomen while being re-injected as fat grafting to the buttocks. An outstanding example of body sculpting shown only eight weeks later.