Gynecomastia – Case 1

This patient underwent combination male breast reduction (gynecomastia) while also undergoing abdominoplasty and flankplasty procedures. the transformation restores his body back to a fit youthful form.


Gynecomastia – Case 2

The management of gynecomastia involves addressing several key issues.  They include fat excess (removed by liposuction); gland excess (removed by direct excision); and presence of inframammary fold which gives appearance of female breast (by direct release).

Here, asymmetric gynecomastia was treated with outstanding results.


Gynecomastia – Case 3

A combination of liposuction, excision, and release of tubular anomaly are often needed to treat gynecomastia.  Here is a fine example of that type of treatment.


Gynecomastia – Case 4

This patient presented with unilateral gynecomastia.  It was pure gland, no fat, essentially the equivalent of a b cup breast.  I removed it through a small peri-areola incision methodically dissecting the entire gland away from the under surface of the skin and the top surface of the muscle.  The results are amazing.  You can watch the incredible surgery on the Spiro Plastic Surgery Channel on YouTube.

Gynecomastia – Case 5

An another amazing body transformation using liposuction of chest/breast, abdomen, flanks and hips (a 6000cc liposuction).


Gynecomastia – Case 6

This young man presented with prominent breast glandular tissue surrounded by fat excess out of proportion to the rest of his torso. Liposuction and gland excision were used in combination to blend the reduced/eliminated tissues to his chest. The result is a nice cosmetic re-contouring and a fine outcome.


Gynecomastia – Case 7

This man presented with excess tissue (gland and fat) along with skin excess and female breast shaping. I used liposuction to correct the problem. The skin retracts back well and the results can be dramatic with a return to a normal male form.


Gynecomastia – Case 8

Young men are often inhibited by the appearance of female breast shape that may develop. I have a three part surgical treatment for such conditions referred to as gynecomastia. I use liposuction, excision techniques, and internal release of fibrous bands (which create the female shape) to effectively eliminate the condition.

This is a good example of results obtained for this relatively common condition.