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Case Study: Rhinoplasty (nose surgery)

Rhinoplasty – Case 1

Combination rhinoplasty and chin implant augmentation (along with lip volume enhancement) have helped to transform this patient’s face into a beautiful balance of aesthetic ideal. Proportions are perfect. An amazing result only 4 weeks later!


Rhinoplasty – Case 2

We do computer imaging in the office for patients during the rhinoplasty consult to get an idea of what a patient wants and for the patient to see what is achievable. This patient is holding up her imaging next to herself AFTER I did the surgery to match the imaging! An amazing result, allowing the beauty of her face to shine.


Rhinoplasty – Case 3

This patient was unhappy with his large crooked nose and also had problems breathing. Rhinoplasty (endonasal), septoplasty, SMR, and caudal septal extension strut graft brought his nose into more ideal aesthetic balance, and improved his breathing. A fine outcome only one month post op!


Rhinoplasty – Case 4

Part of the art of male Rhinoplasty is leaving a believable man’s nose not overdone. Here is a great example and terrific outcome!


Rhinoplasty – Case 5

Closed Rhinoplasty and deviated septum correction with the objectives to decrease pointy, long, and crooked nose and improve breathing. A great aesthetic success!


Rhinoplasty – Case 6

Isn’t it fascinating how rhinoplasty can bring out the true beauty of a face that was hidden behind a large, crooked, or mismatched nose? A great example of my philosophy of rhinoplasty: it is a ballet of a number of small parts together making a balanced beautiful result.


Rhinoplasty – Case 7

This young woman presented with very wide nose with slumped broad tip and dorsal hump.  Endonasal rhinoplasty and septoplasty created a nose more balanced to fit her face.  A very nice natural appearing nose.


Rhinoplasty- Case 8

Shown only three weeks later, the results are already dramatic. Stay tuned for the 6 month follow up, it will be even better!!



Rhinoplasty – Case 9

This patient presented with a crooked nose, large very high hump, and a wide nose which dominates her appearance.  I did a closed rhinoplasty, septoplasty, with tip graft to lengthen the tip and narrowed the nasal bones and tip.

A very nice result shown only 3 weeks after surgery.


Rhinoplasty – Case 10

An over projective long nose, wide, crooked, and with a hump has been treated by closed (endonasal) rhinoplasty to yield a pleasing nose better suited to her face.  A very nice result.



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