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Tummy Tuck

I have developed an approach to body contouring that takes into account concepts of abdominal wall laxity, skin excess, skin quality issues and fat excess (if present). Some patients present with one or more of these a issues. Individualizing treatments leads to potential for truly outstanding aesthetic results and remarkable change in body image.  I take great pride in my outcomes here.

I believe my approach to body contouring is unique, and hopefully sets me apart from others. This is an opportunity to dramatically improve female shape, aesthetically and artfully.

Tummy tuck is not a skin and fat only surgery. It may be used as an opportunity to improve abdominal wall contour, strengthen the core an alow for further definition. The true success is success in form and function. I have developed a technique used for more than 16 years now where the abdominal wallfascia tension is restored over the underlying muscle.

The evaluation of every patient allows for the determination of which type of tummy tuck best suits that individual patient. There are many types of tummy tuck procedures. Skin issues, whether laxity (quality) and stretch marks exist or excess amounts of skin (quantity) are present must be determined. Abdominal wall status has to be noted. If weak or loose or bulges or hernias are present they should be addressed. This requires abdominal wall repair (and or hernia repair).

Finally, fat issues are addressed.  Whether liposuction around the perimeter (flanks, hips, pubic) area is to be included is addressed.

Umbilical float procedures where no visible incision is made around the belly button, or transposition umbilicoplasty (incision and scar around belly button) is beneficial and will be addressed.   Finally length of scars on lowest abdomen is decided. This is based on amounts and quality of skin, abdominal wall laxity, and patient expectations.

Surgery can be out-patient for versions of limited abdominoplasty or overnight stay for typical tummy tuck and abdominal wall repair.

Promises to fill the needs of our patients who are seeking non-surgical facial & body regenerative skin care.