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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Revisionary Breast Surgery

I’m often called upon by patients, other breast doctors, and gynecologists to perform corrective breast surgery. Patients present from previous cosmetic breast augmentations or reduction and from previous mastectomy breast reconstruction. Over my eighteen years as a Plastic Surgeon I’ve developed a reputation as a thoughtful problem solver and solid technician. Many of my patients come to me having had three, four or up to seven previous surgeries. In nearly all instances, I can correct problems in one single surgery. I find that a common theme has been that past surgeries either lacked proper well thought out planning or did not go “the extra mile” in technical execution.

The most common problem I encounter is repeat failures to fix cosmetic implant malposition and shape appearance.

I use my extensive background as an artist to help guide me. To me, the female breasts, with an implant, are a living work of art and as such the surgeon needs to strive for the highest level of aesthetics. Great pride and care must be taken in the plans and execution. Proper implant selection, based on numerous features often missed by the original surgeon (such as rib torso shape) along with reconfiguring the implant space is critical to achieving lasting, desirable results. I call it “wizardry of the implant capsule space”. Working surgical magic is just tedious and time consuming, but the recoveries are (surprisingly to the patient) uneventful and relatively discomfort free. This holds true in post mastectomy reconstructions as well. Repositioning the original scar capsule and reshaping the entire space is tedious but very rewarding for both the patient and the surgeon.

Correction Congenital Breast Anomalies

The family of constricted breast malformations includes much variability. Among these are tuberous (or tubular) breast. It can be the same bilaterally but usually is asymmetric. Correction is very very challenging and is not at all like simple breast augmentation.

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