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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Nipple Tattooing

There has recently been a lot of press about certain tattoo artists who are all of a sudden seemingly specializing in 3D tattooing of a nipple and areola in breast reconstruction. This is nothing new to me or our practice as I have been doing this for nearly twenty years. As an accomplished artist, it was a natural marriage of sorts between art and surgery of sorts. I have done thousands of nipple reconstructions for post mastectomy patients with a fairly unique technique I developed in the 1990’s. (it can be seen on our YouTube channel at Spiro Plastic Surgery). I have done the tattooing personally into most of those nipples I reconstructed over the years. There is a subset of women who just don’t want a formal nipple reconstruction procedure, so for these women I do 3D tattooing. I use only approved medical grade, natural pigments (nonmetals) and often blend or use a variety of colors (sometimes up to 5 per patient) to get a real Trompe-l’oeil look! Check out my YouTube video documenting me doing nipple tattooing- you’ll love it!

Which Is Your Favorite Piece of Artwork by Dr. Spiro?

Which Is Your Favorite Piece of Artwork by Dr. Spiro?

Dr. Spiro was a noted artist for many years.  He has illustrated journal articles, chapters in books, pamphlets for patients resource information, and has an extensive portfolio of fine art in several mediums.  You may have while in the office seen copies of many of his works in oil, graphite, and photography.   Which is your favorite?

#1 - Over Four Seasons Budapest

#1 – Over Four Seasons Budapest

#2 - Another in the series of up-perspective – Budapest: A Bridge Life

#2 – Another in the series of up-perspective – Budapest: A Bridge Life

#3 - Man wearing Ed Hardy - The Hemlock Building

#3 – Man wearing Ed Hardy – The Hemlock Building

#4 - Strawberry Shortcake

#4 – Strawberry Shortcake






#5 – It’s Showtime

#6 – Bygone Days

#7 – East River Journey

#8 – Dizzing Heights

#9 – Mr Chicago

#10 – An O’Keefe Tribute

#11 – Lonely Bucket

#12 – Fall Harvest










#13 – Problem With Lights

#14 – Piece 1, Budapest Crossings – Bridge Life – The Sentinel

#14 – Piece 2, Budapest Crossings – Bridge Life – The Sentinel

#14 – Piece 3, Budapest Crossings – Bridge Life – The Sentinel

Permanent Make-up

Is permanent make-up (tattooing) a procedure you would consider? If yes, which area would you be most interested in?

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Venus, Jupiter, and Mars in the palm of your hand

If you are fortunate enough to be outside in the predawn hours these days you should make sure you stop for a moment and take advantage of a truly special event which you can see in the eastern sky on a cloudless night. This time of year ( late September to early November) when the sun rises later and later and the nights are more often clear and with low humidity you can see celestial objects with enhanced intensity. In particular, the planets Venus, Jupiter, and Mars are in such rare visual proximity to each other that you could cover them with the palm of your outstretched hand. Venus, ( the second brightest object in the night sky – second only to the moon ) has been particularly bright since September. Over the last several weeks Jupiter and most recently Mars, have been getting closer and closer to Venus, making it all a unique and special sight. Venus and Jupiter shine quite white in color which actually makes seeing the pale red color of Mars easier. Mars to the lower left, Jupiter to the upper left in late October , and Venus to the top right is how they can be seen about 30 degrees up from the horizon.

I recommend that everyone just take a moment of their time and step outside and look up in the eastern predawn sky. Behold this peaceful and tranquil sight that you might miss if you are in a rush. Stop for just a moment and contemplate your existence, the proximity of these planets that brings them into view and yet all the while the vastness of the cosmos. Take stock in who you are and your position in this place and time. In solitude and peace outside in the crisp predawn hours, take a moment to think about how fortunate you are to be presented such a gift to view on display each and every night, before it turns to day—before the hustle and bustle of your day diffuses out the light of this peaceful and tranquil display. Take a deep breath and look for 30 seconds longer— I’ll bet it centers and grounds you in peace and helps to make your day…

That’s my daily meditation…peace and tranquility to all

Dr Spiro

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