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Best Docs in New Jersey

New Jersey Monthly Interviews Dr. Spiro for Best Doc

The following comes from an interview done by a magazine for a Top Doctor’s issue.   We will present 5 questions and answers each week for 3 weeks.  Enjoy.

1. What is the philosophy of your practice?

To develop a thoughtful plan by listening to the patient, evaluating with a critical eye, then use my art background combined with surgical expertise and experience to deliver the highest level outcomes in a caring, personalized, and friendly environment!

2. Please explain what it is that you do.

I look at the body as living art.  Sometimes a patient is depressed about their appearance.  I’m like the sculptor starting with a block of stone.  Everyone else sees the block, I see the final beauty.  My job is to get to that point with people.

 3. Discuss your approach to patient care.

Individualized management.  No two people are exactly alike.  No two plans should be the same.  Make every patient feel unique.

 4. Is there a cutting-edge treatment or procedure that you want to highlight?

It’s about philosophy and principles first and foremost. The body must be looked at three dimensionally.  You must develop an artful plan and have the skill to execute.  True plastic surgery excellence comes from the application of these principles not from any cutting edge anything… ever…

 5. What differentiates your practice from others?

I want my patients experience with me to be unmatched and unrivaled.  I want them to know that on the day of surgery (for example) together with pre-op planning and post-op care that there was no one anywhere who could have put forth a more personal and sincere effort on their behalf.

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