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Botox Gone Haywire!

I’m going to preface this by saying that i like Reese Witherspoon. I find her to be a really good actress, a nice person and an attractive woman, but…

…but the Botox she received prior to being on the Red Carpet at the Oscar’s revealed itself (during her animated interviews) to be incomplete and unartistically done. Overdoing one area ( in this case, central glabella for the eleven’s) and forgetting about the other animating parts of the forehead (crow’s feet and transverse lines) lead to glaring oddities during facial expression. Reese¬†was¬†shown to have a flat, almost hollow, area between her eyebrows with an oddly curving cascading series of lines around it.

I painstakingly think Botox patterns out in the faces I inject. My “TV Personalities” generally want to leave some areas of the face to show animation but this Botox example sadly failed to do in in a discrete blended manner.

I felt bad for Reese Witherspoon. She likely told her injector to leave her with the ability to be expressive. ( I don’t like the stark immobile look either).

I wanted to turn away but found that I couldn’t. Instead I was drawn to the bizarre pattern of facial animation. Poor Reese.

A message to everyone then …

Make sure there is thoughtful decision making by your injector! And if something goes awry with Botox, you can often re-manipulate it 7-10 Days later with added small injections. The goal should be to look rested and youthful…and normal, above all!

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