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Breast Augmentation Characteristics

The seven characteristics that go into breast augmentation

I’ve been told I have a knack for being able to simplify things. So here I’ll make it simple to understand the subtleties of breast augmentation.  There are essentially 6 characteristics that can be changed or decided upon. Each week I’ll go over one new one. In six weeks you’ll be an expert!

First, is implant fill. Implants can be filled with only two substances, either silicone gel or saline. There are several different types of silicone gels available today. Suffice it to say, they are all versions of cohesive gels, but “gummy bear” refers to the most cohesive of the gels. To me they are oddly firm, and I don’t love them.

Since gravity has a significant unavoidable influence on any fluid filled body, it has been my observation that silicone gel filled implants (memory or cohesive ) tend to provide patients with longer term aesthetic predictability than saline filled implants. This is due to torso and rib shape curvature, as well as the water hammer effect over time from saline.

If you lived under water or on the moon it wouldn’t matter, but here on earth, silicone filled implants migrate less over time and have less rippling. Just the facts.

No implant lasts forever. If you factor in all the things which lead to re-operation, I believe silicone filled implants lead to less numbers of surgery for patients over their lifetime.


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