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Breast Augmentation Characteristics

The seven characteristics that go into breast augmentation

Ok you’re getting smarter.  Now on to characteristic number three.  Implants are either round shaped or shaped. How do we choose? Shaped implants sounds at first to be a good idea, but there are several problems to contend with.  Firstly, there are generally two breasts.  They don’t know each other and a three dimensional contrived shaped implant will look oddly shaped compared to its neighbor if one moves slightly.  All implants should be free to move.  An immobile implant is oddly firm, fixed and unnatural.  A moveable implant simulates a real breast right? I knew you’d agree.  A round implant placed under muscle where the implant space not the implant has been shaped always looks the same as the opposite breast.

The second problem with shaped implants is that their shell walls must be textured.  You’ve already learned my bias about that! Textured shaped implants are known to have a shorter life expectancy than round smooth implants. It’s all coming together now!!

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