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Breast Augmentation Characteristics

The seven characteristics that go into breast augmentation

Sixth and most important to most patients is breast size!! By the way, what is bra size anyway? It’s just a relative relationship of breasts displaced size compared to the torso that the breast sits on, nothing more. That is “cup size” a 32D cup breast is a smaller breast by absolute volume than a 36C cup. Did you know that?

Bra manufacturers in recent years are pushing women to buy C and D cup bras because the connotation is that this is the desirable breast. Just like a dress manufacturer who wants to make a big marketing splash will change their size 6 dresses to fours and size fours to twos!! Women love them. They think that this dress maker is brilliant because they feel thinner!!

The idealized breast is somewhere between a C cup and a D cup for most women. A cup is filled by volume and skin envelope. So, saggy breasts that fill a cup are more skin and less volume. As I discuss this with patients in my office we discuss all these things.

But here’s the catch: there are about 200 different implants and four billion women!! You first have to match the proper base diameter to the chest, body, rib cage. Available volumes in profile projections next are evaluated. And there you are. We can arrive at a realistic goal outcome for size!! Seems easy but you’d be amazed at how many women come to see me with disappointing outcomes from surgery done elsewhere by others that I am asked to correct.

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