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Breast Augmentation Characteristics

The seven characteristics that go into breast augmentation

So now we are on to the second characteristic that we can select regarding breast augmentation. Implants are covered in a shell. This shell can be made with a smooth surface or a textured surface. The available textured surface is slightly different between the two dominant manufacturers. Texturing the surface was initially thought to combat the occurrence of capsular contracture – or hardening of scar around implants- but I believe this to be untrue. I believe capsular contracture is partly a function of implant location. Years ago, all implants were placed over muscle or within the gland. This promoted contracture. Since nearly all implants back then were smooth surface, it was assumed that the smooth surface caused the contracture. WRONG!

I feel that texturing the surface increases implant malposition which is the number one reason for re-operation. It introduces another variable to healing and this is not smart. So I recommend smooth surface for happier breasts and happier patients!

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