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Beauty and Shape

There is something magical about the combination of tummy tuck, liposuction, fat grafting and breast augmentation or lifting: it is the beauty of shape, of curves , of connotation of youth and femininity. It is truly transformational. Please check out the abdominoplasty section of before and after photos to see what I mean!

Patient Testimonials

I have decided to share with my blog readers some of the kind words my patients have had about their experiences with me. So each week for the next nine weeks you will get to read the reflections of former patients. Their words will reveal a lot about me to you.

I just wanted to say a few things about my experiences at Dr. Spiro’s office. I had a breast lift with replacement of implants with muscle complications that the Dr. found and corrected when he went in. First of all I’ll start with the staff, from my first appointment when I walked in I had a good feeling, and I didn’t have to wait too long, the staff was amazing, very nice, very helpful and they did their job above and beyond. This was through my whole experience, before my surgery and after (everyone was even better). I also want to thank everyone in Dr. Spiro’s office for making this complicated surgery and experience very easy to go through. Dr. Spiro’s work and knowledge about breast surgery and beyond was unbelievable. His bedside manner never changed before and after my surgery, he put a smile on my face even the day of my surgery even as scared as I was, he made me very comfortable. This was the best life changing decision that I have made with the help of the staff and Dr. Spiro. Three months later and my results are more than I expected, my breasts are exactly what I wanted and more. They look better than before I had children, the scars are barely there and in another three months they will look even better. I am SO happy that I chose Dr. Spiro; words really can’t describe how I feel. If I choose to have any other surgeries in the future, no doubt I am going back to Dr. Spiro. Thank you so much for my new (better) look and great experience Dr. Spiro and Staff.



Patient Testimonials

I have decided to share with my blog readers some of the kind words my patients have had about their experiences with me. So each week for the next nine weeks you will get to read the reflections of former patients. Their words will reveal a lot about me to you.

March 2013

Dr. Scott Spiro,

I started to write a testimonial many times and never really knew where to begin. However, after today’s checkup, thirteen moths after the seven hour procedure (which included a breast lift, tummy tuck and liposuction of the buttocks and hips) I sat in my car in the parking lot of the Atkins-Kent Office building and penned this testimonial to express my gratitude. When I refer to gratitude, I do not just mean for changing my body from what it looked like thirteen months ago, but for being the honest, caring and dedicated doctor that you are.

Seven years ago, I sat in your office after a good friend recommended you. I made an appointment and went to see you. After careful evaluation, you told me to go home, lose weight and not come back until I was ready for the surgery. In fact, your words were, “I am not a diet doctor!”  You knew I wasn’t ready.

I wasn’t ready. It took seven years for me to lose seventy pounds and find the courage to reschedule an appointment and bite the bullet to commit to surgery. Many women and men both say that they are not going to live like “this” anymore. The operative word “this” meaning their out of control body, the way they have let themselves go, but not many have the determination to do something about it.

I am an ex-teacher and have a sales position working in an industry that deals with young people. I had made up my mind that I did not want to be that woman who looked like someone’s grandmother who came to the schoolhouse to work with the students, anymore. So, after joining the YMCA, going to classes, changing the way I eat and losing enough weight to give me the courage to make a second appointment, I was ready. My second visit was a little more refreshing and relaxing. I had done the work. I had lost the weight necessary to have a successful outcome. I made an appointment for the surgery. Dr. Spiro, you have changed my life.

The frightening part of any surgery is the unknown. Everyone responds differently; emotionally, mentally and physically. The only surgery that I ever had, were two C-sections when I delivered my children over thirty years ago. To say I wasn’t frightened would be a lie. I was frightened. I even wrote a letter to my family in the even I didn’t wake up. Deep down, I knew that everything was going to be just fine; it just made me feel better to go through the exercise.

Having finally reached the decision to go ahead, I spoke with three patients of yours. They all had experienced the same procedure I was about to undertake. One woman was forty, one fifty and the third, a sixty year old. All of the women convinced me to go ahead with the surgery, and that was the best decision they have ever made, but it had to be you preforming the operation. I went ahead and have never looked back.

Dr. Spiro, you are the “wizard of artistry”, in your field, as well as a kind, caring and compassionate individual. You are an artist as well as a surgeon. You have made me feel special. No, you have made me feel beautiful. You explained everything you were going to do, sometimes more times than you would have liked to. And, you gave me time to digest the procedure, to my level of understanding.

You looked at me as a human being, one that you wanted to improve physically for my best interest, and because of your artistic talent, you could. You are a proud man and extremely proud of your work. You work un-rushed, are attentive both pre and post-op and have reassured me every time that I had any doubt about myself.

Because of your gentleness, kindness and talent, I also had you perform a full face lift six months later. I believe that because of the weight loss, my face looks even more natural than I ever expected. I look twenty plus years younger and feel great. Wow, what a feeling.

Only a few close friends even know about the surgery, when asked about the pain I cant honestly remember. I guess it is like having children. You forget what it was like. All I know is that when I look in the mirror and see the new me, I am grateful that I made the commitment to myself and I had you as my surgeon.

When you feel better about yourself, mentally and emotionally and then add the physical component to the mix I honestly believe that you become more active and better contributor to society. You make a difference. You are noticed. Regardless of what you do, whether it be working full time, volunteering or taking care of you r family, you must take care of yourself first. If you can’t do it yourself, don’t be afraid to ask for help. I needed help…I asked.

As far as I am concerned, people considering plastic surgery of any kind should not look any further than your office door. Your compassion, talent and your incredible staff is the perfect combination for success. Just like the old slogan, New Jersey and You…Perfect Together. I should read on your door…Dr. Scott Spiro and You…The Best Fit for Now and the Future.


Revisions In Breast Implant Surgery

How Do We Rescue Your Breast?  Dealing With Capsular Contracture or Implant Malposition.  Well, You Needed A Lift!

Look, no one wants unwanted scars. But there’s a difference between unnecessary scars and needed. My experience over 20 years has been that the saggy flat breast which has an implant placed within it is generally looked upon as ugly and matronly and rejected by the patient as not ideal. Fixing this issue entails not only doing a lift usually, but also reconfiguring the implant space internally higher since it was likely originally placed too low in an effort to better match the existing breast. This requires another type of capsulectomy and capsuloplasty– read the previous recent blogs to get up to speed on these fancy terms–

After the lift and implant repositioning, even though there are scars now , and initially more visible, the patients universally accept this new breast as being far more aesthetic, and more attractive. They gladly trade the old aged look for a fresh young look. Instead of being a detractor to their appearance, their new breast helps to convey a youthful interpretation of body image and gives these women a new sense of confidence.

When I do this procedure the objective is to correct or eliminate the disconnect between natural breast gland, fat and skin and underlying implant. So,  I carefully sculpt overlying breast tissue, preserving an envelope of volume to help hide the implant while tangentially eliminating the most sagging breast. Under the muscle, I raise, recreate, or create  the implant space to coincide. The result is a high centrally positioned implant joined with overlying breast tissue in unison. Everything form fits. There are no loosely disconnected parts. Just an ideal feeling new breast !


Auto-Augmentation Breast Lift

Many women are dismayed to learn that if they have a breast lift, their breast may become noticeably smaller.  It is because in a bra the “volume” is made up of recruited (lifted) skin and gland and fat.  If their breast is mostly skin then they likely will need an implant.

However, a procedure called auto-augmentation can be used instead of an implant for those woman who have a fair amount of saggy breast tissue.  Instead of discarding (excising) the lower or medial and lateral wide tissue, I creatively move it and attach it to the upper middle of the breast and simulate an implant look without an implant!

This does not apply to every case but can yield nice aesthetics mimicking the ideal implant appearance.  Check out the website for examples!

What the heck is a gummy bear implant anyway?

What makes happy breasts?

Gummy bear implants are a slang term associated with the consistency of the silicone gel within the shell wall of a breast implant. Nowadays, Mentor, Allergan, as well as new US approved maker Sientra, produce various versions of cohesive silicone gel implants. The discussion about the implant that is best for any one patient and any one type of procedure, augmentation, revision, mastectomy reconstruction, is a relatively complex one and should not be oversimplified by the marketing implications of over hyping one gimmicky terminology.

So” gummy” just refers to the most firm of the cohesive gel implant materials. This does not mean the best at all…

Certain types of the most highly cohesive gels are packaged with shell walls which themselves are more firm and shaped and this does not necessarily make for the longest lasting best looking and feeling breasts!!

Shape primarily comes from careful evaluation, subsequent planning, and surgical execution. Also pre-existing breast and chest wall shapes play heavily in this.

See my web site, especially, the sections on augmentation, breast lift, reconstruction, and most importantly revisions, to see what I mean here. I have treated patients from all over the world. Don’t believe for one moment that implant gel consistency alone make the outcome or is more safe. All approved implants containing silicone gel have similar safety.

America's Health Front

Dr. Spiro on TV!

I hope you were able to watch my little spot on NBC, Sunday March 25, 2012. We did a segment on America’s Health Front. In it I discussed body and breast transformational procedures, including liposuction, fat grafting, breast augmentation, lifting, body lift, and tummy tuck. We featured several patients who were shown in an exam as well as reflecting back on their experiences. We filmed 2 1/2 hours including in the operating room. Unfortunately, several of our patients who had volunteered, were left out on the cutting room floor!

Try to catch it online or look for it on our You Tube channel (search for Spiro Plastic Surgery) in the coming weeks.

Breast Augmentation alone or Mastopexy (breast lift) Augmentation

To lift or not to lift that is the question…in New Jersey Plastic Surgery

The decision making involved in evaluation, planning and executing cosmetic breast implant surgery is critically important. Many patients come to see me knowing that they need a breast lift along with implant augmentation. Some patients, however, present with little idea that they need a lift, (mastopexy) along with implants. In the New York – New Jersey area, they just assume an implant will improve everything. This is true in some cases. Let me elaborate.

If a patient has minimal sag and minimal excess but good quality skin then implants alone, saline or silicone gel, can provide the lift needed without other incisions. Placement of implants under muscle should always be used. Never have them placed over muscle. (more about this in future blogs)

If the skin quality is poor, such as stretch marks, or the sag is great, or if the nipple position is low, especially when there seems to be a disconnect between skin, gland and chest wall, then a lift is mandatory to give the best cosmetic outcomes.

Mastopexy incisions vary based on the above mentioned variables. They can be just periareola or circumareola, circumareola plus vertical, or circumareola- vertical plus horizontal. The objective should always be the best breast outcome. Never minimize incisions as a marketing scheme. Understanding the dynamics and relationships between skin, gland, muscle, implant, and chest wall are paramount.

Some surgeons are fearful of the dynamics of changing three dimensions and anatomy constraints in these surgeries and therefore shy away from the combo. My marketing is the best possible breast outcome. Scars fade, aesthetic outcomes are the key. Sometimes this just requires a series of shared incisions. We’ll discuss how I treat revisions – patients who come to me to revise breast implant or mastopexy surgery done elsewhere by others in future blogs.

For now, check out my web site-  to see these and other outcomes.

Promises to fill the needs of our patients who are seeking non-surgical facial & body regenerative skin care.