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Why is cellulite so hard to treat?

Before we talk treatment, we have to discuss what cellulite exactly is. Cellulite is the visualized interaction of gravity’s influence, affect and consequences on the interactions between skin, underlying connective tissue attachments, and deeper tissues of fat, muscle and fascia.

The fewer (looser) the connective tissue (fibrous) attachments the looser the cellulite. The longer, lower and larger the column of tissue (thighs) the greater the chance for cellulite.

Genetics and age influence greatly the propensity for (or lack thereof) cellulite. Thin skin and fatty tissue show it far worse. Thick skin with little fat and good attachments rarely show cellulite.

The treatments therefore focus on diminishing the variables that can be addressed. Lifting tissues and/or tightening (tummy tuck, body lift, thigh lift, and arm lift) serve to reduce or eliminate cellulite. Reduction of fat volume can aide in reducing cellulite; liposuction and Coolsculpting can both achieve this to varying degrees.

In conclusion, there is no panacea, no magic bullet, no simple solution, but improvements are achievable.


A Big congratulations to our Registered Nurses Marybeth and Maria on the publication of their amazing article on the effectiveness of Coolsculpting.

Our nurses work tirelessly at staying ahead of the curve with Coolsculpting. They are very conscientious and deliver great outcomes to patients. They have been recognized nationally for their work and by the manufacturer as experts. Now they are published in scientific journals! Great Work!





We’re number ONE!- Spiro Plastic Surgery and Regeneration The Medical Spa awarded best Spa in Essex county

We’re number one!. That is, Spiro Plastic Surgery and Regeneration the Medical Spa is number one. We were just awarded this distinguished honor from a poll taken by Suburban Essex magazine regarding best Spas in Essex county. Regeneration the Medical Spa offers the latest in comprehensive Medical Grade skin care Products and Peels, non surgical facial rejuvinative procedures such as Botox and cosmetic facial fillers, and the latest in non invasive fat reduction treatments using cool sculpting by Zeltiq. These services are provided by myself (director of services) for fillers and Botox, by my experienced, licensed, medical aesthetician (Beata) for skin care services, and by our two experienced, licensed, registered nurses ( Mary Beth and Maria) for cool sculpting, and for scar repair by our entire staff.

Our encompassing coordinated services are provided in our comfortable spacious office suite from 9 AM to 5 PM daily, evenings and on some weekends. By coordinated I refer to our efforts to coordinate and develop skin care regimens to the specific needs of both our surgical and nonsurgical patients. Interaction between nursing staff, aesthetician, and myself enhance the patient experience and improve the quality of our patients outcomes.

But, the complexity of coordinating Spiro Plastic Surgery and Regeneration the Medical Spa could really only happen with a professional like minded business staff to assure that the clinical outcomes we aspire to achieve are actually met. This includes coordinating, in some instances, a peel, a botox and or filler treatment, a cool sculpting session, and education about our product offerings all in the same visit. Mel, Diane, Veronica, Dina, and Kelly ( our expert office staff), are the reason we can get this done. Their main goal is to make our patients happy and they take great pride and joy in doing just that. None of this could happen without them.

We are committed to providing patients with the safest, most reproducible, effective products and services. We are always balancing the latest in science available with assuring that we provide products and services that really work. So when Zeltiq released the latest cool sculpting hand piece flat applicator for saddle bags, we were the first to receive it.  We offer the latest available Skin Medica and Obagi peels and products. We are  constantly evaluating new technologies, but we are very very picky in what we bring in. ( I might reject a technology merely because in our trials it was anticipated it would yield less than a 90 percent patient satisfaction rate).

Please join us in celebrating our staff, Spiro Plastic Surgery, and our happy patients. Follow our posts on instagram and Facebook closely as we are about to make a big announcement regarding our plans for a celebration.

Thank You for a great 2014 and heres to an even better 2015!

Coolsculpting Used to tighten Skin!

We recently treated a man who was very fit, with loose abdominal skin, and a small amount of lower abdominal fat. His body fat was around 10-12% but he had a small roll of fat in the lower abdomen. Because of loose skin we advised against liposuction. Amazingly, after two sessions, the fat evaporated and the skin tightened up considerably! It is an amazing outcome and can be seen in our photo gallery of non surgical fat reductions!

The Summer and Liposuction Garments

Summer creeps up on us. All of a sudden the warm weather is here here and you have unwanted fat. But maybe the prospect of wearing a garment during the summer season is not appealing to you…

You should consider Coolsculpting! It is a permanent fat reduction; No downtime, No recovery and No garments! A good summer solution for you and your fat.

Coolsculpting – finally a non-invasive procedure that really works!

We’ve built a large following around coolsculpting. The process of cryolipolysis (or freezing fat) can be done in office in a non-invasive manner with essentially no down time. The beauty of the process is that physiology dictates that it is virtually impossible not to work! Permanent fat reduction is always achieved. The percentage of reduction may vary from patient to patient. The process is very well tolerated and the applications allow for treatments over many body areas. My two nurses Marybeth and Maria have really been the driving force for its success. They are the technical experts who guide patients through the simple in office treatment. I encourage you to come in for an evaluation and then subsequent treatments.

Good luck with it!!

Thoughts from ASAPS 2013 – The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Annual Meeting

I’ve just returned from the ASAPS annual Plastic Surgery meeting and I’d like to share some interesting reflections with you in the next several blogs.

First, I’ve gotten some positive feedback from trustworthy colleagues in Canada and the US who have been using the Coolsculpt system of noninvasive fat reduction by Zeltiq. I became interested in it 2 years ago, when I was first introduced to it at the Toronto meeting. I have been cautiously optimistic since. My patients and other colleagues know I do not jump in to “hot” gadgets” until they are proven effective and results can be delivered safely and reproducibly. Coolsculpt delivers in its promise of limited site permanent fat reduction non invasively- meaning you can do it in the office with no surgery , no down time- just results.

So I have a big announcement! Spiro Plastic Surgery now offers Coolsculpt! If you have modest areas of fat excess you wish to treat- we have a solution. Call our office for more info and become a Coolscupt success story too!!!!

Promises to fill the needs of our patients who are seeking non-surgical facial & body regenerative skin care.