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Category: Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)

In Office Rhinoplasty

The use of Injectable fillers for filling defects in the nose.

The use of cosmetic hylauronic acid based injectable fillers has expanded to many applications over the years. For nearly 10 years now, I have used these fillers (Restylane and Juvederm most commonly) to treat minor to moderate secondary defects post Rhinoplasty. The typical patient is one who had undergone Rhinoplasty elsewhere, was dissatisfied with the outcome, came to me for evaluation, and was deemed to have a contour anomaly treatable by filler injections in the office, saving the patient the need for another surgical procedure and recovery.

The use of injectable fillers for subsurface contour improvement in the nose, is well documented. In certain areas of the face, filler injections can last (and remain in place) for several years before dissolving away. This can be far greater than its initial approved use in nasolabial fold region. The most common defects treated include smoothing out an irregular bridge, filling in grooves or depressions, and camouflaging some crooked aspects. The process takes about 20 minutes and may leave some minor bruising and swelling which may take 7-14 days to fully resolve. There is generally no other recovery restrictions. There is no need for splints, and activities can resume immediately.

Patient satisfaction is generally very high, and it’s a welcomed and accepted alternative to repeat surgery.


Natural Nose Job

I don’t know, but to me just that lingo; “nose job” has negative connotations.  The overdone DONE nose to me is an eyesore of eighties and nineties plastic surgery which should be banished for eternity.  The cookie cutter nose works on some, but not on most.  It takes less effort of thought and less work in surgery to deliver that nose, but at what expense.  Nowadays it seems people want their noses to look more normal.  The nose should fit the face.  Rhinoplasty should craft a nose which sits in harmony with its surroundings.  So if all you see of someone’s face before rhinoplasty is a big or wide or crooked or ugly nose you would not end up with a case of, all you see after rhinoplasty of a person’s face is a malfitting overdone nose job.

So design the surgery to make it blend in. Natural looking noses are more appealing.

Food for thought….


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