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Combined upper eyelid and lower eyelid blepharoplasty with lateral cheek lift

I’ve been getting a lot of interest from other Plastic surgeons regarding my approach to periorbital rejuvenation¬†(blepharoplasty). I believe that several events combine to create aging appearance in the eyelid and cheek region. Firstly, the skin loses its vigorous attachments to underlying tissues. Additionally, the underlying tissues (cheek pad) separate from the underlying bone and fall.

When this cheek pad falls, it reveals the three distinct fat bags below the eye. Over time, the connective tissue thins out over these bags and the bags start to prolapse outward. This gives the characteristic bulging bags appearance.

Treatment involves addressing all of these issues. The mini lateral cheek lift is a key component. It is done by dissecting the lower lid tissues down over the cheek. Then using the upper lid incision, the muscle pennant tissue is elevated and sutured through to the bone,( lateral orbital wall). Fat is separated from the three fat pockets and teased apart in order to redistribute the fat across the rim, thereby creating a far more powerful effect.  The results can be truly amazing.

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