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Facial Rejuvenation

Buyer Beware – Facelift?

There have been a lot of questions lately about “lifestyle lift” for facial rejuvenation.

A couple of clarifications first. Lifestyle lift is a type of brand marketing. Patients contact a call center where they are referred to a lifestyle doctor. The business end is completed at these call centers. Lifestyle then refers the patient to a lifestyle doctor near them. This could be, but not always is, a board certified plastic surgeon. It is up to the lifestyle surgeon to decide what things other than a basic lifestyle procedure should be done.

The basic lifestyle procedure is simple and is done under just local anesthetic. But that’s the problem folks!!!! It is so simple that it is essentially like a 1960’s face lift.

Now here is the complex part. Since all lifestyle surgeons have the ability to add or change, you the patient could be subjected to the poor technique, poor execution, and poor choices made by non – vetted plastic surgeons. You the patient are asking lifestyle to choose your surgeon! You don’t choose!! You just choose lifestyle. Now, there may be some good plastic surgeons who want to maintain a busy practice or want to develop a cosmetic practice so they join lifestyle. But ask yourself why? Is it because they can’t get a following?? And why???  The variability of what us done is scary and disappointing. But yes, it is cheap!! Now, is that what we’re after though?

Be smart people, don’t call a call center that is a marketing machine to get referred to a lifestyle doctor. Find out from friends and other doctors or nurses who they’ve seen results from or worked with. That’s the smart way of going about things!!

Good luck

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