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Follow her Recovery…

The “follow her recovery” section of our website is a  unique section where we follow the progress of healing from surgery with periodic post op photos. This is particularly useful to see in breast augmentation where variability in female chest wall and breast anatomy as well as patient desired outcomes often require a certain period of healing time in order to see the “final” cosmetic outcome. In breast augmentation, the immediate post op outcome may be visually altered for a period of weeks by tight tissues and sub-optimal cosmetic anatomy. Release of constricted anatomy, for instance, may take several months to fully loosen and soften. (see new case 1 in follow her recovery.) Extra tight (tighter than typical) tissues may take more time to soften (about six weeks) than more ideal anatomy (which may take only three weeks to soften). Implants (Technically speaking) in my practice are precisely placed, it is the anatomy surrounding the implant that needs time to soften and remodel. By doing this, the volume within the implant re-positions itself( generally speaking) to the anticipated planned outcome set forth at he original surgical procedure.

Therefore, it is constructive for patients to see how typical outcomes come about. Enjoy!

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