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What the heck is a gummy bear implant anyway?

What makes happy breasts?

Gummy bear implants are a slang term associated with the consistency of the silicone gel within the shell wall of a breast implant. Nowadays, Mentor, Allergan, as well as new US approved maker Sientra, produce various versions of cohesive silicone gel implants. The discussion about the implant that is best for any one patient and any one type of procedure, augmentation, revision, mastectomy reconstruction, is a relatively complex one and should not be oversimplified by the marketing implications of over hyping one gimmicky terminology.

So” gummy” just refers to the most firm of the cohesive gel implant materials. This does not mean the best at all…

Certain types of the most highly cohesive gels are packaged with shell walls which themselves are more firm and shaped and this does not necessarily make for the longest lasting best looking and feeling breasts!!

Shape primarily comes from careful evaluation, subsequent planning, and surgical execution. Also pre-existing breast and chest wall shapes play heavily in this.

See my web site, especially, the sections on augmentation, breast lift, reconstruction, and most importantly revisions, to see what I mean here. I have treated patients from all over the world. Don’t believe for one moment that implant gel consistency alone make the outcome or is more safe. All approved implants containing silicone gel have similar safety.

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