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If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is…

Fat Grafting for Breast Augmentation

Have you noticed that there is less banter about fat grafting to the breast as the sole way of doing breast augmentation? It’s because like everything else in life, at the beginning there is an irrational exuberance and overzealousness for something new. We want it to work. It sounds great. Just place fat into the breast to make it bigger and eliminate the need for implants. We use fat grafting for so many other applications, why shouldn’t it be the same. Buttocks, faces, hands, post mastectomy reconstruction to name a few. But the female breast is an active immunosurveillance gland area and is not tolerant to receiving fat. The actual proper anatomic space to place fat in small breasts, is itself, quite small.


The process is fraught with asymmetry, cyst formation, loss of volume and worst of all micro cysts, calcifications and lumps which may make breast cancer surveillance more challenging in the fat grafted breast patients.

So efforts to make things simpler, by using fat instead of implants, it actually makes it far more complex. Augmentation with implants is a relatively safe and simple way to enhance breast size. The risks are minimal. Fat grafting carries significantly way more variability and unfortunately sounds better than it actually is!

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