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Thoughts from ASAPS 2013- The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Annual Meeting

Does it work or is it too good to be true!?

Just to tell you what my patients already know; I do not introduce or offer technology to patients if it doesn’t work. No gimmicks at Spiro Plastic Surgery! For instance, our success in skin care was built from tried and true vetted out regimes that work for patients (Obagi, Skin Medica). So in light of that, I research innovations over a period of a year or more to see if they really work (Biocorneum). Now by “work”, I mean, do more than 90% of patients get a demonstrative improvement in the condition being treated? Was it worth their time and their money? Is it or can it be reproduced safely in all patients? Do the outcomes stand up to time? I feel an obligation to my patients because I have built a reputation based on honesty over 20 years and thousands of procedures . Look there is no such thing as perfect , but we can at least try our absolute best. So, if a new and innovative treatment or process is released, I feel it is imperative to be cautiously optimistic and not irrationally exuberant. Plastic Surgery and devices have a long history of many things that failed to deliver on their promises. I don’t want to introduce a technology that you have to later convince  more than half the people that they got a result ! That’s not what we’re about at SpiroPlastic Surgery.

So on that note, I had tried a new device on myself at the meeting. It is an RF (radio frequency) device that treats spider veins as efficiently or more efficiently than laser. I was the patient for a live demo at the meeting to treat spider veins on my cheek! If it works, I’ll get it for the practice, if it doesn’t work ,  well you know my thoughts by now….


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