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Tummy Tuck Case Examples

So let’s go over some examples of women and then what types of tummy tuck is best suited for them.

A 5’4” tall, 135 pound woman age 48 presents after having two children.  She is active, goes to the gym but complains of stretch marks in lower belly, inability to get a flat stomach despite exercise, and when she wears snug clothing or a bathing suit she looks like she has a roll of fat. During examination, I find that I can grab and move skin of upper and lower abdomen all the way to her hip bone on the side.  What she believes is fat is actually just rolled up loose skin.  Her abdomen is centrally weak. The best solution for her is a traditional umbilical transposition abdominoplasty and flankplasty (repair of abdominal wall muscles, fascia, rectus and obliques) as well as excision of excess skin to hip or just beyond. This will maximize her outcome and give her a shapely, strong, firm, flat, and tight abdomen.  Visit the website for examples!

Next is a 38 year-old woman who is 5’2” and weighs 130 pounds. She has a slightly high belly button position from carrying her pregnancies low and has a low roll of thinned out loose skin which stretches from hip to hip and is 4 inches tall. Her upper skin is tight and of good quality.  She too has a weak middle bulging.  The procedure best suited for her is an umbilical float abdominoplasty & flankplasty with abdominal wall repair.  Her incision is still hip to hip to excise poor skin but since only the lower skin is loose and her belly button starts slightly high, there is no reason to make a surface incision on her belly button.  It is temporarily disconnected on the inside, the abdominal wall is repaired and the skin is pulled.  The upper abdomen only slightly so the belly button moves down slightly (and gets reattached) and then the lower skin is stretched and excised significantly (6-8 inches). She still has an incision hip to hip but ends up with a flat, tight, shapely, strong abdomen.  Visit the website for examples of this too!

Now a 45 year old woman 5’5 and weighs 150 pounds comes in. She has a slightly weak abdomen but really only cares about the loose roll of bad skin pouched above an old c-section line.  She wants the simplest thing that can be done.  So here, an excision and removal of this scar and roll of skin will tighten her lower abdomen somewhat but do nothing to her abdominal wall strength or slight bulge. She is ok with this, so I suggest a ‘skin only’ limited ‘infraumbilical’ abdominoplasty.  The belly button is not touched and the length of the scar is slightly longer than the original c-section but is flat and tighter.  This is the most minor type of tummy tuck procedure.

Of course liposuction can be done to compliment any of these procedures mentioned and I will review that in upcoming blogs.  For now, visit the website to see photos of actual patients!


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