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Breast Lift


Sagging breasts are a point of disappointment and frustration for many women. It creates an aged look that can’t be helped by good nutrition or exercise. Surgery to lift and reshape the breast gland and overlying skin envelope together with resizing, repositioning, and often reshaping the nipple areola complex allows for the transformation to a more youthful appearance.

Sometimes lift alone is adequate to fulfill a patient’s objectives but at other times an implant is needed to get the true desired outcome. (see my breast augmentation section and my blog for discussion about breast implants)

We start with a critical evaluation of the issues and concerns and proceed to examination. Then a careful plan followed by precision surgery is followed. I am able to perform lift with implants in one step in nearly all cases. Generally, there are no drains

The surgery is always under general anesthesia, same day surgery, at a hospital based outpatient center with skilled experienced anesthesiologists. It is important to have general anesthesia because this allows me full muscle relaxation and most precise implant placement and breast shaping in cases where implants are used.

The surgery is several hours and most of my patients have one day of modest discomfort at most. The next day the wrapping is removed in the office and we put you in a bra. If you’re like most patients here, there is virtually no swelling, and very little bruising!

You are seen initially weekly, the sutures dissolve, and the incisions vary based on need and pre-existing presentation.  You can wear a bathing suit in two weeks and by three weeks you are back in the gym.

Promises to fill the needs of our patients who are seeking non-surgical facial & body regenerative skin care.