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Case of the Month

This section of the website is designed to continuously highlight cases recently completed which I feel well represent my practice in plastic surgery. The cases chosen may include my most common surgeries, most challenging cases, or cases which exemplify particular aspects in surgical management which I want to share. Again, I thank my patients for allowing me to use their photos – it is greatly appreciated.

Case: May 2017

An amazing transformation using my combined approach to “natural face” facial rejuvenation, which includes fat grafting to multiple sites on the face where volume is lost over time (cheek, jaw line, corners of the mouth, lips), an upper and lower blepharoplasty and fat transposition (moving the lower eyelid bags down below the eye socket rim), lateral cheek lift to lift the cheek over thin fat, and SMAS Composite Face and Neck lift (combining muscle and skin tissue lift) in one procedure. Shown only 8 weeks post surgery. Amazing and beautiful transformation.


Case: April 2017

This is a great example of a fairly common problem. Uneven small breasts with sagging of one side requires (in this case) a breast lift (periareolar mastopexy) on her left and bilateral silicone implants under the muscle. A beautiful outcome!


Case: March 2017

Correction of large sagging breasts with previous implants placed in the subglandular space is a common request. previous attempts by other surgeons to “fill” loose saggy breasts just with subglandular implants rarely ever yield satisfactory results. It usually leads to breasts which appear matronly . I simultaneously lifted her, created a new submuscular space, and replaced implants with ADM to secure the implant under the muscle. An amazing transformation!


Case: February 2017

A fascinating use of fillers is shown here. I used fillers to create an attractive earlobe shape in a woman who disliked her small flat earlobes.


Case: January 2017

This patient underwent combination liposuction of circumferential torso and breast lift, reduction, and implant augmentation. The liposuction reduces her frame size from a 12 to a 6, improves her shape, and transforms her waist. All are complimented by, her (now) high, round and full breasts. An amazing transformation!



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