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Challenging Breast Anomalies and Asymmetry

Some women are born with conditions of congenital abnormal breast development or failure to develop.

Correction can be life changing. Abnormalities may be subtle such as asymmetric cup size and shape.

Even minor problems of nipple inversion which can cause some level of psychological distress are correctable by unique minor procedures. I have developed a non-incisional method to correct nipple inversion.

It is impossible to show an example of each of the endless types of challenging breast anomalies. In this section I try to focus on the most common.

These are constricted malformations (abnormally tight or absent lower part of breast), tuberous deformities (shown with unexpectedly large areola and narrow tube like breasts), along with asymmetries of shape, volume, and nipple position.

I look to match as many factors as possible when correcting these conditions. This may include reducing and lifting a sagging breast and then implant augmentation to both to give best results.

Surgery is usually same day with a simple recovery.

Promises to fill the needs of our patients who are seeking non-surgical facial & body regenerative skin care.