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Coolsculpting Testimonials

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Testimonial 1

After one cool mini sculpting treatment on my chin, I see amazing results after 6 weeks!!!  I’ve had a double chin since grammar school.  I workout and eat well, but it won’t go away.  I’m 44 and I noticed my chin area was starting to sag. I wanted to be proactive before it turned into a waddle.  After 6 weeks, the double chin has decreased significantly.  It’s more defined.  I’m so thrilled!!!  I had my second treatment at 6 weeks, so I will continue to see more results over the next couple of months.  I can’t wait!  Diane and Trish will walk you through the entire process.  They are both very patient and honest. During the procedure they will make you feel very comfortable while you sit back and freeze the fat away.  NO downtime! I only experienced some redness in the neck area and tenderness in the chin area.  If you are thinking about cool sculpting and want an honest assessment you have to see Diane or Trish! Once you experience any treatment with Dr. Spiro and his staff you know you are in good hands!


Testimonial 2

I have had a disproportionate amount of fat in my inner thighs my whole life.  Even at my thinnest, I was always very self-conscious about how my inner thighs bulged in my work-out pants and would wear long t-shirts not to cover my  butt, but to cover my inner thighs!  And I always wore bikinis with shorts to try to hide the bulges.  No amount of plies, running, or inner thigh lifts made much of a difference.  Since having CoolSculpting done to my inner thighs, I’m much more confident in my bathing suits and work-out pants and I no longer have to wear long t-shirts to the gym.  I’m surprised at how much my result has boosted my self-esteem and for that I am grateful!

-Anne G.

Testimonial 3

Coolsculpting is amazing! I treated my lovely “love handles” who have unwillingly stuck by my side for most of my adult life. No matter how I dieted or exercised, my love handles would not budge. I was evaluated and told that I was a great candidate for Coolsculpting. Once treated, I began noticing changes earlier than when I was told I could expect to see a difference. The tingly and numbness for the first couple weeks took some getting used to, but was nothing that was holding me back from my daily routines. I could barely wait the 60 days to get back in the office to retreat the area! Seeing my results gave me motivation to get more active in the gym and fueled the fire to get myself in better shape! I’m so much more comfortable in my clothes, my jeans fit so much better and I am way more confident with my body!

-Mia B

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