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Skin Care Testimonials


Tshutterstock_57804532estimonial 1

Suffering with adult acne for over a decade only Beata’s facials and customized treatments have soothed and repaired my damaged skin. I have been to dermatologists who have prescribed me oral and topical prescriptions for years only for one skin problem to resolve and another to pop up in its place.

From my first facial with Beata I instantly saw improvement in my acne and general luminosity. No more dull, sallow, red face. I continue to see Beata every 4 weeks and follow her instructions for taking care of my skin religiously! Because, IT WORKS!

Thanks to Beata and all of Dr. Spiro’s sweet and professional staff I look forward to my appointments and my continued success with Beata’s customized skin care.

I have even been able to COMPLETELY give up under eye concealer which has always been my number one never leave home with out. My husband always says he is so happy that I am more comfortable in my bare skin and don’t insist on piling on my makeup for the most minor errand. Thanks again Beata and see you soon.

Testimonial 2

All of my expectations were met pertaining to my skin care.  From my peels to the skin care products Beata recommends. I couldn’t be treated better by Dr. Spiro’s entire staff.  Always pleasant to speak to and the staff is always as accommodating as possible. The staff makes my visits to Beata totally complete in every way.

Beata’s treatment to my skin has greatly improved it’s texture and clarity. She is excellent in her knowledge and technique.  She is very personable and allows my sessions with her to be confident and complete.

Thank you.  H. M.

Testimonial 3

Beata has been instrumental in my skin care. I was fortunate enough to receive my first facial as a part of my procedure and gave it a shot. I was extremely lucky to have received this because I will never look back to my old skin care regimens. I used to go to a very expensive spa and buy very expensive products every few months and although it looked great after the session, but I would soon go back to my acne filled ways after. My expectations were surpassed. Beata is professional, gentle but thorough and provides good advice/suggestions. I had a lot of acne problems on my face, chest and back and nothing seemed to work until Beata. Thankfully she cleared all my skin after my first peel and its really just been maintenance since then. I now have the option to not wear makeup, which I was never able to feel OK with doing before.

I feel completely comfortable and at ease and would highly recommend Beata and the staff at Dr. Spiro’s office. They are always professional, friendly and accommodating. Top notch. Which might I add, is very difficult to find great service these days in doctors offices or anywhere.

Testimonial 4

I’m a postmenopausal woman whose skin has changed from extremely oily to dryer.  The appearance of fine wrinkles and wrinkles have become more pronounced. With the help from Beata and her choice of “protocol” for my own skin issues, has left me with smoother skin, less likely to breakout, smaller pores, and an appearance of slightly younger than my given age!!!

I love the skincare products and the choices she tailored for me.

I feel comfortable and feel like I’m with a true skincare professional when I see her. I’m so very happy every time I finish my facial because I know my skin is healthy, “shiny”, and looks fantastic!!


Testimonial 5

“I have been going to Dr. Spiro’s office for my facial treatments for over 4 years. Before this I was getting glycolic peals in New York for about 20 years.  My goal is to look as young as possible for as long as possible.  Specifically, I want to avoid (as much as possible) brown spots, wrinkles, dull looking skin and to calm my rosacea.  I wanted to go to an aesthetician that was closer to home–but was very nervous about the decision.  I can honestly say that the treatments I have had by aestheticians at Dr. Spiro’s office have been excellent, even better than those I had in New York, with great results.

Since I have been seeing the aestheticians at Dr. Spiro’s office and in particular, Beata, my skin has remained as youthful as possible, with few brown spots, very smooth, fresh looking and I feel like I have slowed the aging process.

Beata really listens to my concerns, understands what my goals are and got to know my skin very quickly. Beata recognizes any changes in my skin from visit to visit and is able to recommend what is best (without being pushy).  I really enjoy my treatments with Beata, she makes the experience very relaxing.”


Testimonial 6

“I came to Regeneration, Medical Spa because I wanted a skin care regiment that helped reduce brown spots, wrinkles and just help me with an overall younger appearance.

I feel like the peels along with the Obagi skin care line helped with the brown spots, fine lines and the dull appearance of my skin.

I feel like I get complimented on my skin now all the time and I love Beata!”

Testimonial 7shutterstock_117045424

“I have been receiving skin care treatments at Dr Spiro’s office for many years and continue to be very happy with Beata. Since she has been doing my skin care I have noticed most of skin facial spots have either diminished and many have disappeared completely. She is very a very caring and dedicated professional. She does dermaplane treatment and an illuminizing peel every four weeks and I am always receiving compliments on the smoothness of my skin. Beata now treats three generations of my family. My daughter and granddaughter are also fans of Beata! She recommends skin care products to address all skin problems. I look forward to my monthly visits with Beata.”

Testimonial 8

“I’ve been having these peels for a while now.  I love the Obagi products and Skin Medica.

The peels are great! my skin is so much softer when I do them once a month. Also I just started the Obagi C, and I love it.

Beata is great; she is very knowledgeable of the skin and very helpful with tips for better skin care.

I want to thank her for all the good suggestions and her always good attitude.”


Testimonial 9

A treatment with Beata leaves you relaxed and feeling like you have just had a “spa” experience!

Beata is very good at determining the type of treatment that would serve you best and with advice about products and skin care.

I highly recommend her.

Testimonial 10

My skin care problems that needed to be solved were Acne/blackheads on my face and back.

I benefited from skin care services and products very much so. I started going to Beata about 6 months before my wedding. I was very worried I was going to still have my acne skin on my face and back on my wedding day. Luckily I saw Beata about every 6-8 weeks or so leading up to it and she was able to get rid of all my issues which I have been dealing with since high school. Now I go to her for maintenance every 2-3 months as the seasons change.

She is very gentle yet thorough so I do enjoy that. Also as a person she is very sweet, understanding, and takes the time to talk and walk me through how to use certain products or tips. The products I also feel are very gentle yet effective, she picked out the perfect products for me and always helps me weigh out options as I try to also not spend so much money. I also do like how Spiro’s office keeps me informed about specials.


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